What does it take to be a Lady-Shredder?

What does it take to be a Lady-Shredder?

Pushing yourself a little bit every week: What does it take to be a Ladyshredder?


For those who have been following my adventures since the start, you would know about my mountain biking love affair. I have been riding for over year, since I purchase my first entry level bike in November 2016. Yet, it took me over a year to develop what I can call now a love affair!

It’s funny to think that black cockatoos made me discover the joy of mountain bike riding. At first, I thought it was a great way for me to keep up with the flocks and cover bigger distances. Over time, I became aware of places where people were riding on “single tracks”. At that time I only knew about the Goat Farm and Kalamunda. I thought this was not for me!

My view changed, I guess as I decided to have a look and try the Marrinup trail in Dwellingup. This was good fun and I decided to go and explore Langford Park in Jarradhale in the following weeks, before exploring a few tracks down South, while being on holidays. When back from holidays, I started exploring the Kalamunda network. This was then near the end of 2017. I was lucky enough to avoid falling since the start of this adventure. However, having no idea of what was required to ride those more technical trails, I decided to book myself in for a few clinics. I took it further in January 2018, when I finally purchased a bike more sturdy and more comfortable. Most importantly, no more mechanical brakes! This improved my riding and boosted my confidence. So much, that I even went to Linga Longa, a gravity mountain bike park, located south of Balingup. I survived on a xc/trail bike! Probably thanks to the great bike park introduction from Jump and Pump Nations that I had booked.

Recently, I headed to Lancaster, a trail from the Kalamunda Circuit. A “black trail” to be precised. What is so black about it? The start is mellow, just a few rock beds to go through, until then all good. A few hundred metres, here is the first non rollable drop (probably about half a metre?). Not that big but it is sensible to hit it with enough speed, right?! Then there are others, a bit smaller, a few table tops and a few ladder drop offs (those I am happy to go around it!!).

My issue is once I can see air, I start panicking!!! That’s why I thought the best way to get used to “being in the air” is to do it over and over again, until I get used to it. That’s what the last session was all about. Going over drops and realising that nothing happens, I’m still hanging onto the bike after landing!!!

Beating the fear of height and consequently drops is not an easy game, especially if you have a big fear of heights! What are fears if you do not face them at some point in your life? I have decided that my fear of height will not stop me from having fun.

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Lancaster Trail Kalamunda

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