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I have to admit, I love looking for waterfalls. It always involve spending a lot of time outside in nature so why not?! Apart from the popular waterfalls which are easy to find on online blog articles, I found other waterfalls and great walk trails by reading old walk guides or mapbooks. So, in this blog article you will find a list of the books that I have collected since I came back to live in Perth in 2015.

Please note I have also included links where you can purchase the books when possible. It seems that some books are no longer available from DBCA or reputable/ specialist book shops.

Overall, I found the best way to find interesting books was to look through visitor centres, Ebay, Etsy and second hand bookshops. I also had a great experience at the Margaret River Bookshop and I would recommend having a look if you are a bookworm like myself and visiting Margaret River!

Here is my list of Waterfalls and walk guides for Perth & Surrounds:

Family Walks in Perth Outdoors

This walk guide is quite old (1993), so you can expect discrepancies as some trails are no longer popular, promoted or have changed. A good example is the Southhell track which is talking about getting closed to a gully and a small waterfall. However, it was difficult for me to find the gully, considering the amount of vegetation which has grown inbetween for 30 years! Furthermore, I couldn’t find many mentions of the Bourkes Gully on Google.

Thanksfully, I fount a few mentions by searching the terms: “North Ledge Waterfalls” which took me to a website created by WalkGPS, where you can purchase a $20 yearly membership to access all the walks. This walk, however, is talking about walking “off tracks” and in this case, it is recommended to follow the GPS coordinates provided in the article.

This walk is not the same as in the guide but crosses Bourkes Gully before heading south along the river before it joins the Helena river. As this walk guide was written already a few years ago, I didn’t take into consideration the vegetation which had grown in-between but this guide was still a welcome addition to locate the gully.

This winter I am planning to do a bit more exploring in this area. All in all, the walk guide is a great addition and still relevant. So if you can get yourself a copy, I would highly recommend it. I found mine in a second hand book shop of Save the Children a few years ago!

Family Walks in Perth Outdoors – Most recent reviewed version

This book is the same as the first one, except that some of the walks have been replaced by others. It is the most up to date version you could find in good bookshops such as Boffins (or you might have to do a special order). It seems that all bookshops have run out of stock.

1993 – revised in 2005. ISBN 0-7307-5505-3

More Family Walks in Perth Outdoors

This book was also published by CALM, which is now the Department of Biology and Conservation (DBCA). This book features new walks in Perth & Surrounds. A great book to have by your side when you are planning to do something in the weekend. I always read it at the end of summer to give me some ideas of what areas I will explore in autumn and winter.

1994 – revised in 2005. ISBN 0 7307 5555 X

You can buy it here

Bushwalks in the South West

This book was also published by CALM but unlike the previous ones, there is no updated versions and it is becoming difficult to find copies. You might need to look on Ebay or go ask second hand bookshops. What a shame as it is a great books and there are so many trails out there which could be added in a second version! This book was great for my trip in the South West as it talks about a few waterfalls 🙂

1997. ISBN 0 7309 6862 6

Perth Outdoors

Again, an old book which is difficult to find but as you can see I love old books! This book is the holly grail and list pretty much all the great parks available in Perth and Surrounds.

1992. ISBN 0-7309-522-3

Rediscover Perthoutdoors

Rediscover Perth is basically the new updated version of the previous book I was mentioning. It’s a great book to find out about all the parks in the area and what the main walks are. It’s a shame their budget was tight, as they re-used a lot of old photos from the 90s, such as the waterfall located near Bells Rapid (you can read more about this waterfall here). I saw this photo and I thought straight away “I need to go there!”. The photo was located in the Walyunga National Park section, however I quickly found out that it is located in the southern section, in a park called Jumbuck Hill Regional Park.

You can buy the book here

ISBN 9781921703201

Roads & Tracks Western Australia

I use this mapbook to mark photography spots and waterfall locations. So that, when I go on a trip, I know what’s in the area where I am located. I also found a few waterfalls by studying the maps. Overall, a must have for adventurers ready to discover the hidden gems of WA!

You can buy it here

Quiet Places Wild Places

Discover the national parks of the South West of WA! This book was the largest selling book ever produced by CALM (now DBCA). This book was a source of information for my first trip to Dwellingup, when I walked the Marrinup Falls trail and visited the Forrest Heritage Centre. The most updated version would have to be Rediscover Perthoutdoors ( however with less information) and Exploring Western Australia’s natural wonders (with more information of other parks but excluding Dwellingup).

Completely revised in 1999. ISBN 0 7309 6871 5

Exploring Western Australia’s natural wonders

This is a big book listing and describing all the main national parks located in WA. It takes you on a journey of discovery into WA’s top parks and reserves and provides a region-by-region guide to 64 national parks. That is nowadays the most complete guide that you could purchase from DBCA (previously Department of Environment and Conservation). I think they only print a limited amount and only publish new books every now and then when they feel like it. This is probably due to the fact that people and visitors are no longer interested in buying books? What do you think?

2011. ISBN 978-1-921703-09-6

Jarrahdale Tracks & Trails

I have this one as I found it quite useful to adventure in Jarrahdale and surrounds. You can purchase it on the Old Post Office Museum website or at the museum itself in Jarrahdale.

Scoop Traveller

I didn’t know that when I purchased my first and last copy of Scoop Traveller, that it would be the last time. Not long after, the company released a statement that they were stopping producing this incredible magazine. I loved looking at the pictures and learning about new places and cafes/ restaurants to visit.

Old copies can be found online on this page.


I hope you enjoyed my article “Waterfalls and walk guides for Perth & Surrounds”. Feel free to browse other articles in my blog. Until then enjoy the rest of summer in beautiful WA!