The Cascades in Pemberton

The Cascades in Pemberton

The Cascades in Pemberton and Beedelup Falls


Due to the Western Australian Gravity Enduro Race (WAGE), I found myself having two days in Pemberton spent between mountain biking and photographing. The weather was not with me and it rained during the two days I was there! However, I had a great time and it was great to be able to revisit a few places such as the Cascades in Pemberton, that I had explored last year. In addition, the water level was definitely lower in the rivers, which meant I had the possibility to wear my gumboots and stand in the water with my faithful tripod. After a quick ride on Saturday and a great lunch at Jonezy’s Place, I headed to Beedelup Falls which is a 15 min drive from Pemberton. When I arrived there, the rain had stopped and I quickly wandered until I reached the river bed. However, I don’t think I came up with a great composition. Even though the sky was very overcast, I did not manage to get any great light (very hard early afternoon), so I tried to incorporate the three tree trunks which were laying in the river bed.

After spending about an hour there, it started raining so much that I had to pack up. That’s when I decided to check in at the motel and drive to The Cascades. It was the same conditions as earlier and my lens started fogging up. So, I packed up again and headed back to the motel to call it a day. In the morning, I headed back to the Cascades in Pemberton and managed to get a few shots before the heavy rain returned. I am disappointed on my composition again. Lack of time between the showers did not help so I finished my visit to the Cascades by walking the trail before heading back to check out. I had to be at the Pemberton Swimming Pool, the race village in less than one hour! If you wonder how the race went, well, I only had a go at Bloody Mary before the organisers realised there was an issue with the timing. Overall, I had never rode my bike on Bloody Mary before that weekend and I had no idea how “steep” it could get and of course, slippery due to the recent heavy rains. I did not do well and ended up walking a lot of the steep berms. However I had a great time on Relentless Blue and realised that there are many things that I could do quite easy in the bike park! I will definitely be back! What about you, have you visited the Cascades in Pemberton?

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The Cascades in PembertonBeedelup Falls in Pemberton

Pemberton Mountain Bike Park