Lake Ninan and long exposure

Lake Ninan with its dead trees. There are about a dozen salt lakes in the Wheat Belt. Unfortunately, over the years, deforestation and intense farming have caused the salinity level to rise. I stacked a 10 and 6 stops in … Read More

Burns Beach

Sunset at Burns Beach My first sunset at Burns Beach was not disappointing. I am not sure which picture I like best?! It was windy and I managed to drop my remote in the sand but the vacuum sorted it … Read More


Applecross and the old bordwalk Headed back to Applecross after work as it was cloudy. It is pretty stormy here at the moment so hopefully I will head out tomorrow morning to Burns Beach. It would be my first time … Read More


Sunset at Cottesloe Beach I was looking for the reef at the North Cottesloe Beach as I had never been there before but  I ended up taking pictures of the sunset instead.