Some updates and latest photos from my trip in Walpole, Denmark and Manjimup

It has been awhile since my last posts. But I have decided to come back to my blog. Many things happened during the last 12 months and I guess my perspectives have changed as well. Last year I was taking part in the Gain and Retain program from Hancock Creative which focus on helping not for profits with building a bullet proof social media strategy. It was very intense as after all I was only a volunteer at Kaarakin but I believed that it was a fantastic opportunity to build a strategy and guidelines for future volunteers so that all the hard work I put in the last 4 years would not be lost. At the end, I ended up building a whole Marketing department by myself and I am proud of what I have achieved in the last 4 years and especially last year.

That time period was strange as I went on holidays to Europe for 6 weeks and at the time I was still employed as a Marketing Officer in a recruitment agency. Before I left, the company was struggling with its expansion strategy and I was warned that there wouldn’t be too many hours for me as there wasn’t enough demand from clients to keep the company afloat during this time period. Recruitment, especially in the civil industry is seasonal. In winter, because of the rain, there is less work so this means the company was reducing the working hours of some employees until things pick up again in Spring. It is sad that I wasn’t told about it when I accepted the job. But I was going on holidays for a long time and they were confident that things would go back to normal soon when I would be back.

When I came back my hours were reduced to 2 working days and I filled the remaining of the week with volunteering for Kaarakin and continuing to develop the strategy. I also helped some businesses with their marketing activities during that time in order to expand my portfolio. I had a lot of time to finish the Gain and Retain program and build the marketing strategy for Kaarakin. Things were going very well for them on social media.

I actually got so busy that I left the recruitment agency shortly after coming back from Europe. My dream was to join an advertising agency because I knew I would thrive in this challenging environment and I was confident that I had acquired enough experience in the many industries and businesses I worked at.

In March, I started working as a Social Media Coordinator within an advertising agency. I love this job and I love how hectic it can get! Working across different clients and industries is so rewarding.

Unfortunately this means I haven’t much to dedicate to Kaarakin anymore and when I heard that the McCusker Centre for Citizenship at the University of Western Australia was looking for not-for-profits and charities to place interns, I put forward Kaarakin. I’m very excited to announce that we have an intern that I will supervise for Semester 2. It will be a great opportunity to get new and fresh ideas and stories for Kaarakin’s social media.

Anyway, I thought i would add a few photos I took recently in June when I did a quick trip down south in Denmark and Walpole during the long weekend. I went back to Perth via the South Western Highway and made quick stop at Manjimup. The purpose of this visit was to drive on the Seven Day Road. The orchard where I worked at, Casuarina Valley Orchard was located somewhere down the road. I spent some time re-visiting Fonty’s Pool, where I took some photos but by the time I was done there, I didn’t have enough time to have a quick look to find the orchard. So on the way back I looked for the other farm I worked at and it appears that the old apple trees had been pulled out and replaced with new ones. After all it has been nearly 10 years since I worked there.

I didn’t know that there was a new visitor centre next located at the Manjimup Heritage Park. And surprise! The Heritage Park had a makeover and I definitely recommend to stop by. Unfortunately it was a public holiday when I stopped by and I think due to the Coronavirus restrictions, the museum and the visitor centre were not open. I’m looking forward to visit again on my next trip in September. Have a look here for more information:

Photo Gallery: Denmark, Walpole and Manjimup