Black cockatoos at Boola Bardip WA Museum
One of my Kaarakin photos at the new WA Museum

Did you know that the WA Museum has been running the Cockatoo Care program since 2001? The program studies the distribution of Baudin’s, Carnaby’s and Red Tailed Black Cockatoos to assess threats to the survival of the species and encourage conservation … Read More

Stirk Park Kalamunda
A walk in Kalamunda

Here are some photos I took while on a walk in Kalamunda. I took a few photos to submit for the Kalamunda Business Directory. The highlight of the walk was the old church at the roundabout next to Coles. I’m … Read More

Kalamunda Business Directory
Featuring in the Kalamunda Business Directory

Earlier this year, I was approached by Pete from the Kalamunda Business Directory to send some photos I would like featured in the new version of the directory. This year, they wanted to try something new by incorporating some photographs … Read More

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Kirkjufellsfoss during the Midnight Sun
I invite you to explore Iceland and unwind

This slideshow made of photographs and videos is accompanied by the melody Nocturne in Paris from Tony Anderson. Interestingly, Tony Anderson associates this melody with The Marais in Paris, while I associate this song with Iceland and its rugged landscape. … Read More

Europe 2019 Holiday Videos

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