Black cockatoos at Boola Bardip WA Museum

One of my Kaarakin photos at the new WA Museum

Did you know that the WA Museum has been running the Cockatoo Care program since 2001? The program studies the distribution of Baudin’s, Carnaby’s and Red Tailed Black Cockatoos to assess threats to the survival of the species and encourage conservation and protection whilst implementing practical measures such as development of artificial nest boxes and tubes, researching feral bees and providing community education.

You can learn more about WA’s black cockatoos via their website and by visiting – it’s a wonderful destination for the weekend or for the end of the school holidays…and you can even see some of the Kaarakin cockatoos and wonderful volunteers featured there! I supplied a photo of a volunteer within the interactive aviary to go along Leila Jeffreys’ three photographies.