Bobbiny Crochet Basket

New hobby: Learning to how to crochet and my first project

I have to say, I quite enjoyed isolating from the rest of the world during the pandemic and I still enjoy the extra time I am getting at home and in my garden. We were quite lucky here in WA and didn’t go into full isolation so we could still get out and go for a walk.

Anyway, I was reading a Better Homes and Gardens magazine back in March when I saw some cute little crochet baskets. Quickly, I was searching on the internet what kind of yarn I needed for the project and I fell in love with the Bobbiny brand. My first project was a small basket with the Peacock Blue Bobbiny 5mm premium yarn (100 m will cost you around AUD 22!!). It’s not cheap but the quality is great and the wide choice of colours is fantastic.

It took me awhile to get the hang of it and how to crochet. I watched several videos on Youtube and paused now and then to replicate the steps. There are definitely a few different ways to make a basket and there are also different stitches you can use. For some reasons I ended up crocheting with the cross stitch first and then the waistcoat stitch. I quickly learnt as well that it is best to complete a round with an invisible slip stitch so that the basket looks nicer.

Once I learnt the ropes, I quickly completed the project and ordered more yarn as a result! I’m so hooked!

Here are some video tutorials to get you started:

Magic ring:

Cross stitch basket: