Native Animal Rescue Open Day 2019

Review of Native Animal Rescue Open Day 2019

It has been very busy for me lately and consequently there has been little time for me to write in this blog and to keep you informed of the latest Kaarakin news and behind the scenes! While Kaarakin is working on organising another super duper cool tour day weekend on Mother’s Day weekend on 11th & 12th May 2019, a friend and I decided to go and check out another animal rescue’s open day.

Native Animal Rescue

Native Animal Rescue is located in Malaga, and very accessible due to being near Reid Hwy. Next to it, you will find the Reid Highway Bushland, which provides a foraging area for native animals. While I was there, I even spotted a flock of Red Tailed Black Cockatoos! Native Animal Rescue (also known as NAR) takes care of the caring and rehabilitation of injured native wildlife at their headquarters in Malaga.

NAR only organises one or two open days per year and the entry ticket is very cheap ($5). Once you enter their facility, after finding a bay where to park (it’s only a small car park providing initially for the Reid Hwy Bushland so cars end up parking along the road), you are greeted by very friendly volunteers. After purchasing your tickets, you can then browse the few stands along the drive way. This year we saw Envirobren, which is actually a close neighbour to mine! Brenda sells a lot of cool environmental friendly products such as reusable bags, compostable bags, environmental friendly name a few! Another interesting stand was the merchandising of NAR, which had some lovely plants and decorations such as the insect hotels. Unfortunately, at this point, it started raining cats and dogs and we tried our best to find a good shelter. It was a shame that nothing had been planned in case of a rainy day.

Meet And Greet Black Cockatoos

After grabbing a coffee, we made our way to the black cockatoo display and had to queue to get in. The volunteer who was in charge to open the doors was very knowledgeable and it was nice to learn more about the rescue centre at this point although it was very brief. The black cockatoos in this aviary were all pets and given to NAR to take care of as people often realise too late that black cockatoos can be very noisy and need a lot of love and care.

The aviary was very nice, although a bit small but there were only 4 black cockatoos inside. Most of them were shy and decided to stand on the highest possible perches to avoid the crowd. It was quite different from what we usually experience at the Kaarakin tour days. You will often have a cockatoo on your shoulder in the Kaarakin Jack’s Interactive Aviary!

Display of native animals

After our little tour in this Meet and Greet aviary, we then saw the stand where NAR displays some native animal. Same here, there was a big queue so we decided to have a quick look. I understand this is a display area but people were very close to the wildlife to a point, where I felt we were invading their personal space. They were also kept in tiny cages while one Carnaby’s was on a perch and the other one on a volunteer’s shoulder. At this point another volunteer introduced us to a woylie, which I thought was a nice touch.


All in all it was a nice morning but it is probably more oriented to kids than adults. A shame that there was no opportunity to learn more about the rescue centre and the work being done in the clinic.Maybe the rain didn’t help. I hope you enjoy the photos!