In search of the Mundaring Waterfalls

Mundaring Waterfalls…What?? There are waterfalls in Mundaring?

Yes, there are waterfalls hidden in Beelu National Park but there are only small waterfalls or cascades and like most waterfalls in Perth, they only come alive after heavy rains in Winter (so around July/ August). They make great fun to hunt for and it’s a good opportunity to go for a hike or mountain bike ride.

The main waterfall, the Bourkes Gully waterfall, which cascades over granite rock through Wandoo woodland and down towards the Helena River, is located on the old Mundaring Loop track. Sadly this trail hasn’t been promoted for at least a decade but you can still find some locals and bike riders in this national park. The Mundaring Loop Trail is described in the book “Western Australia Mountain Bike Trail guide” by Travis and Jane Deane if you’d like more information on this track.

How to access this waterfall

The waterfall is located shortly after crossing North Ledge, just down the hill. If you are looking at accessing North Ledge by car, I would recommend a 4WD. The access is via dirt roads and in winter, there are a lot of deep ruts.

If you are riding your bike or walking, you can park your car on Mundaring Weir Rd, across the start of Atkins Road, and then follow the signs, or you can look at making a bigger loop like I did once. Instead of turning left and following the signs to North Ledge, stay on Atkins Road and take the next track on the left to follow Bourkes Gully.

There is actually another small cascade nearby but it is only accessible by either walking in deep vegetation or finding your way across boulders.

There is no direct trail leading to this small cascade.

Hike option

There is also the Southhell Track mentioned in the first edition of Family Walks in Perth Outdoors (published in 1993). This walks starts from the end of Martin Rd and makes its way down to Fred Jacoby Park. You could do it one way (8.5 km) or return (17 km).

The Southhell track from the first edition of Family Walks in Perth Outdoors, published in 1993!

Another Hike option

Walk GPS has also another hike (14.5 km) on its website, accessible via a membership. The walk crosses Bourkes Gully waterfall and takes you along other small cascades from the Rifle Range Gully. I went to check these cascades out last year around mid August but there was barely any water in the creek. Going straight after heavy rains is a must, so bring your gumboots as you will need to cross a small creek which is part of the Munda Biddi!

Rifle Range Gully in Beelu National Park