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How to reduce your plastic consumption

Reducing your plastic consumption doesn’t have to be hard. Start by implementing small little steps and keep going. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Start by putting reusable bags in your car and keep checking from time to time that you have enough

We all have reusable bags at home, but they tend to disappear when we most need them! Make sure you have some next to your doorway and also in your car. After you have used your shopping bags, make sure to put them in a handy spot in the house so that it keeps reminding you to put them back in the car! A good spot is next to the door or in the hallway. If all fails, put a reminder in your phone to remind you to take your bags with you to the car.

Say “No, I’ve got my own bag”…

…When someone is about to put your purchases items in a bag for you at the shop. You will be amazed at the amount of bags you can save just by bringing your own reusable bags with you!

Avoid unnecessary plastic packaging at the shop and use reusable produce bags or use compostable bags.

We all know supermarkets love packaging! Aim for fruits and vegs which come without packaging. Make sure to buy some produce bags that you can wash and reuse. They will last a lifetime! This way, you can cut down on plastic bags and paper bags. Try Onya  or Envirobren for your produce bags and much more.

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Visit a bulk grocery store

Here, in Perth, we are lucky to have a few bulk grocery stores when you can bring your own containers and refill them. This will help you cutting down on unnecessary packaging that would either end up in the recycling bin or the landfill. These stores usually sell loose products such as pasta/ rice, flour, oil, dried fruits, spices, cleaning products, toiletries and sustainable products, etc. It’s time to go and check your local store!

Below is a list of stores you can visit in Perth. If you know some stores in other states, please let us know and we will add them to the list!

Sustainable toiletries and beauty products

There are so many choices now available! From deodorant paste, to shaving bars, soap bars and sustainable toothpaste, it has never been easier to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle!

Some producers will even take back your empty containers to reuse them (ie: deodorant paste). What a great way to reduce packaging!

Discover the joy of baking and cooking!

Have you ever considered baking your own bread or making your own cakes and biscuits? This will certainly reduce your packaging consumption! When you think about it, if you buy a loaf or 2 of bread at the supermarket per week, you will have to dispose of over a 100 soft plastic bags per year! By baking your own bread, you can save on a lot of plastic packaging! Beside your bread will be preservative free and fresh from the oven. And even better if you get your flour and baking products from a shop which allows you to refill your own containers!

Consider investing in a small bread maker for an easy baking option.

Recycle soft plastic bags

It is probably not the easiest step towards your plastic free journey, but we swear, you will feel good about it once you realise how much plastic you can recycle!

All soft plastics (plastic bags, bread bags, and even ice cream soft plastic wrapping) can be recycled at your local Woolworths or Coles. Look for the bin next to the entry or exit of the shop. Some shopping centres also offer the option to recycle soft plastic. Please remember that soft plastic cannot be recycled by putting it in your yellow bin.

Please make sure to give a rinse to your soft plastic. Then store it in one of your reusable bags, ready to be taken to your next shopping trip.

Of course, recycle any hard plastic, cardboard and paper you are allowed to in your yellow bin.

Recycle the lids (with number 2 and 4) for Envision Hands. They make prosthetic hands for kids with no hands.

You can also recycle your toothpaste tubes, old toothbrushes, floss containers via the Colgate Brigade recycling scheme, like this one in Kalamunda:

Any other ideas you would like to share with us? Leave us a comment below!

We hope these little tips can help you towards a more sustainable life and that you will feel rewarded by what you have accomplished!