Hovea Falls – Railway Heritage Trail

Hovea Falls – Railway Heritage Trail

Discover Hovea Falls in John Forrest National Park.

The Railway Reserves Heritage Trail follows the route of the old Eastern Railway and is unique in providing a 41 kilometre loop entirely on railway formations. This trail is great for walking, cycling and even horse riding.

This trail passes through John Forest Park which features two waterfalls:  Hovea Falls and Jane Brook. They are both well worth a visit in Winter and early Spring. The park is also great for those interested in wildflowers or even wildlife watching. The Department of Parks and Wildlife states that there are : “10 species of native mammal (one declared rare), and 91 species of bird (two considered to be in need of special protection), 23 species of reptile and 10 species of frog“.

Overall John Forest Park and the Railway Heritage Trail are great for weekend adventures. The section from Swan View to Jane Brook has incredible views across the valley to the Swan Coastal Plain.

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