Featuring in the Kalamunda Business Directory

Earlier this year, I was approached by Pete from the Kalamunda Business Directory to send some photos I would like featured in the new version of the directory. This year, they wanted to try something new by incorporating some photographs of Kalamunda and surrounding suburbs. The cover picture is a photo taken by Nature By Nathan. If you get a copy of the directory, you’ll be able to see more of his pictures.

I recently picked up a copy of the directory and some of my photos are featuring inside as shown below. I’m glad a Baudin’s cockatoo made it on page 19! Actually I didn’t have many photos of the area apart from cockatoos so I proposed to go on a small photo trip to take some photos of Kalamunda and this was great inspiration for my gardening and landscaping plans. I am busy pulling out the front bushes at the moment to create a more vibrant garden bed with daisies and other perennials. That’s only the start though!!