Kaarakin 2019 Calendar

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Buy Kaarakin 2019 Calendar: Now available in the online shop

Our third edition, Kaarakin 2019 Calendar is now available on Kaarakin’s website. The calendar features photographs of the feathered and furry residents living at the centre. This year, I’m surprised to see that most of the selected photos are from myself. It’s a shame that not many volunteers are participating. Anyway, I have great ideas for the Kaarakin 2020 calendar for next year, including some studio portraits (with continuous lighting and no strobes) as well as great background colours so that our little friends stand out. A masterpiece, hopefully!

We are not there yet, as now the hardest part is ahead of us. We have 800-850 calendars to sell! Thanks God, I came up with a marketing brief and timeline in order to make things easier. I have also come up with contests which will be run on Facebook and Instagram with great prizes to be won. I will be so happy if we finish selling the calendars by mid-December as they make great Christmas presents. It’s always great to see such a project coming along. So many volunteers have participated in the planning and conception. In a nutshell, it’s a calendar made with love which showcases species which are with extinct in the wild (Bogong dingo) or are threatened (Forest Red Tailed Black Cockatoos) or endangered (Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos).

This year, the calendar is available on the online shop, the Facebook shop and Instagram, thanks to its new shopping feature. I am very exciting to test my advertising skills on the calendar and to be able to review the data to adjust my marketing campaigns accordingly!

The calendar is not the last major event of this year. We are due to host a garage sale in the following weeks (if the weather permits), an online auction, a e-newspaper for Kaarakin’s anniversary produced by volunteers, and the tour days. I have also been working on a couple of videos. Yes, the remaining months of 2018 sound busy and exciting!

Buy Kaarakin 2019 Calendar today. All funds go back to Kaarakin to take care of the black cockatoos and other residents on site.

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Kaarakin 2019 Calendar