Golden Valley Tree Park, mysterious mist and a cidery in the Balingup area


Balingup is located in the Blackwood River Valley and is an absolute beautiful place. It is a very small and peaceful town which is buzzing when Autumn comes! Balingup is popular for its trees. Why, you would say? Well, Balingup turns gold and copper about April to June, leaving everyone in awe. The best place to see it in action is the Balingup Golden Valley Tree Park, located a few kms outside of town. There, you will find an amazing collection of trees from around the world as well as an Australian collection across the road. The views on top of the hills are fantastic. The most popular tree of the collection has to be the American swamp Cypress located at the duck pond. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the name of those beautiful trees and their yellow leaves which are located near the wooden bridge and gate…

Balingup is located about 3 hours away from Perth, which doesn’t make it easy to come and go as I please. I wish I could spend hours in the park and walk along the Bibbulmun Track which crosses the park.

During my first visit in 2016, we stayed in a lovely cottage at Jalbrook Estate for 3 nights. Each cottage has its own jacuzzi on the outside deck. It was a fantastic experience and during the first evenings, we had Carnaby’s black cockatoos roosting nearby. During our stay, we drove to Bridgetown to try a glass of cider at the famous Cidery before having lunch at the Emporium Bistro. We also spend one afternoon in Manjimup, which allowed me to remember about my time as a fruitpicker on the Casuarina Orchard at the end of the Seven Day Road. We didn’t go as far as the orchard but stopped at Fonty’s Pool and soaked up the beauty of the place.

Last April 2018 was my second visit. I had a bike park introduction booked at the Linga Longa Bike Park, located further South of Manjimup. Unfortunately, I spent too much time photographing the mist after camping for the night at their facilities. I was too late when I arrived at the Golden Valley Tree Park. The light had already changed. Nonetheless, I had a great time re-visiting my favourite spots before heading back into town to do some shopping at Tinderbox. Tinderbox is a great place if you love essential oil, aromas and herbal teas. Another shop I recommend stopping by! Make sure to say hi at the visitor centre, it is manned by volunteers and they do a fantastic job at recommending places to visit in the area.


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