Astrophotography Workshop with Stargazers Club WA and Roger Groom

Astrophotography at Lake Ninan, Wongan Hills


Last weekend, I had the great opportunity to join Stargazers Club WA to attend an Astrophotography workshop presented by Roger Groom.

Roger Groom is a great Astrophotographer and Astronomer based in Perth, Western Australia. Roger has held positions including the Chairperson of the Perth Observatory Volunteer Group, Tammin Site Manager for the Astronomical Society of Western Australia, and continues to coordinate events and work with these community organisations.

The astrophotography workshop was based at Lake Ninan which is located 10 kms away from Wongan Hills. Wongan Hills was approached by Astrotourism WA to create a special places for stargazers in town and protect dark night skies so stargazers can enjoy the sky at its best.

I have to say the sky is amazing in Wongan Hills on a clear night like the one we had during the workshop!

The workshop started just right before sunset at 5.30 pm with 45 minutes of theory and also going through questions from the participants. We learnt or reviewed the basics which are essential for astrophotography:

  • How to focus?
  • Which white balance is best?
  • Which aperture?
  • Which focal length?
  • How high should the ISO be?
  • How long the shutter speed should be?
  • Tripod advice

Those settings will get us started for the night until we started experimenting with different shutter speeds and different ISO values.

We then started to get ready and made our way to a dried and salty area where we set up gear. During the workshop, Roger had plenty of time to spend with each individual participant which was great as we could get personal advice matching our skills. I was able to ask Roger about a set up for deep sky photography, something I have been thinking of trying for awhile now!

All in all it was a great night and everyone had fun!

All my photos were taken with a Canon 6D and 16-35mm 2.8 (2nd version).

Most photos were taken at 16mm (some at 17mm as I didn’t notice the ring slightly turned probably while focusing in the dark), 10 or 15 sec. 1600 to 3200 ISO. 3200 or 3400 K for the white balance.

Next step is to take multiple photos to then align and stack them in Photoshop in order to reduce the noise.

For my deep sky set up, I am now looking at the following that I hope to purchase before the end of the year:

HEQ 5 Pro mount

ZWO 30F4 guide scope

ZWO ASI 120mm-S camera

Anyone has a different set up they would recommend? Don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

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