Yalgardup Falls Margaret River
Waterfalls of the South West Region of WA

Margaret River Waterfalls, Pemberton Waterfalls, Denmark Waterfall and much more The South West is full of surprises and there is always something to do or to explore. Below is a list of the waterfalls that I have encountered during my … Read More

Carnaby's Black Cockatoo checking hollow in Moora
Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos in Moora

A day photographing the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos in Moora It is hard to think that one year went by already but I can still remember my first visit in Moora clearly. Although we had left early in the afternoon, just … Read More

The Kaarakin Post

To celebrate Kaarakin’s10th year anniversary and International Volunteer Day, I have put together a limited edition of the Kaarakin Post, a newspaper including various contributions from volunteers and guest writers about different Kaarakin topics. So if you have ever wanted to learn more about Kaarakin’s beginnings, our black cockatoos, our dingoes and what it is like to volunteer at Kaarakin, this newspaper is a must read! Best of all, it is free to download! You are welcome to make a donation to support our conservation and rehabilitation efforts on www.blackcockatoorecovery.comRead More

Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre
Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Photography 2018

What’s been happening at Kaarakin this year? My best Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Photography 2018   It always surprises me how time flies. I can still remember when I finished university and started to work full time. This was coinciding with the … Read More

100% Black at Jamarri
100% Black at Jamarri

My visit at 100% Black at Jamarri 100% Black at Jamarri is another black cockatoo rescue centre, located in Jalbarragup, 20 kms southwest of Nannup, on the boundary of Helms forest. I am actually not sure how I heard from this … Read More

Kaarakin Online Auction 2018.
Kaarakin Online Auction 2018

Place your bids for the Kaarakin Online Auction 2018!   A bit late notice but the Kaarakin Facebook Online Auction 2018 is happening now and closing on Wednesday 24th October! You can now place your bets by following this link. If … Read More

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