Bells Rapids Waterfall

Bells Rapids Waterfall: The forgotten waterfall of Perth And yet, this is one of the highest and one of the most impressive waterfall in Perth (about 25m). How could you miss it? Well, it’s nestled in a valley. If you … Read More

Perth Waterfalls Guide

Perth Waterfalls Guide: Where are the best waterfalls in Perth? After two years of tramping in the Perth Hills and in the bush, I am still very busy hunting waterfalls in winter. Some of the waterfalls I have visited are … Read More

Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos in Brigadoon

A flock of Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos in Brigadoon Not long ago, I encountered another flock of Carnaby’s on my way back from Bells Rapids. At first, I thought it could be the Baudin’s black cockatoos that I had previously seen … Read More